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How much do tiered cakes cost?

Tiered cake pricing starts at $8.50/serving, which includes most naked and textured buttercream cake designs.  More complex cakes are quoted as custom and pricing is based on the materials and labor needed to produce your design.  If you  have an idea of how you might like your cake to look, we are happy to quote based on photos or other design inspiration. If not, we can help you get started by sending you to our Pinterest boards.

Do you offer tastings for wedding clients?

We offer two types of tastings.  The first is a free, casual tasting for clients who would like to get to know us better.  During this 30 minute consultation, we answer any questions you have and provide you with a selection of our current storefront sweets, allowing you to get a better sense of our food quality and design aesthetic.  Our second tasting option is a customized formal tasting, where you select 4-5 combinations of cake and/or desserts that you are looking to serve at your wedding.  While our customized tastings are generally reserved for booked clients as decision-making meetings, you can request to pay a $100 fee for a customized tasting without a signed contract.  If after the tasting you decide to move forward with us, the tasting fee can serve as your deposit and would be applied to your booked contract.  

How far in advance do I need to book a tasting?

We require at least 2 weeks advance notice to plan a tasting.  This guarantees that we will have all of the ingredients needed to make your chosen flavors and that we will have a bridal consultant available to meet with you in person.  During our busy season, our flexibility to offer Saturday tastings is very limited as we are often executing other events.  

Can you deliver my wedding or custom cake and what is the delivery fee?

Delivery is required for all tiered cakes and orders over $500.

The local delivery fee for the Cashiers-Highlands area is $75.  
The delivery fee for Asheville, Greenville and the surrounding areas is $100. 

I am having a destination wedding. Can you travel with my cake?

Yes, absolutely!  We bring the same design expertise and product quality to special events anywhere in the world.  We are able to travel by car or by plane with both real and faux cakes, even if your wedding is overseas.  All you need to do is help us understand your vision, and we will handle all of the logistics necessary to craft a beautiful destination dessert display.  

Do you provide cake stands?

We have a small collection of stands available for rent starting at $45/stand. You may also provide your own stands, but we reserve the right to approve them before your event to ensure stability. 

Do all of my frosting selections need to be white?

We use vanilla bean buttercream to frost the outside of every white wedding cake.  Our vanilla buttercream is white, smooth, stable, and goes well with all other flavors.  Unless you select it as an additional frosting or filling, the vanilla buttercream is only used as a final outer frosting layer for consistency in presentation.  Because your frosting selections will not be visible to your guests, we encourage you to make choices based on your flavor preferences and not on color.  

How do I transport my cake?

Cakes should always be transported as level and flat as possible in a temperature controlled vehicle (no warmer than 72 degrees). Our cakes are packaged in boxes that are generally 2-4” larger than your cake diameter, and so you will want to plan for enough space to allow the cake to sit flat and out of direct sunlight.  If you need to make a stop while transporting your cake, do not leave it in your car.   When carrying the cake to or from your vehicle, make sure to place your hands underneath the cake for stability.  If you pick the cake up by the side of the box, you may damage the frosting. 

How do I store my cake?

If you are enjoying your cake the same day you pick it up (recommended), keep the cake in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, but out of the refrigerator. Our cakes are best enjoyed at room temperature.  If you are storing the cake overnight, please let us know and we will plastic wrap it for you. Once you get the cake home you would need to store it in the refrigerator and pull it out 2 hours before your event. It is important to plastic wrap any cake going into the refrigerator so the frostings do not accept any lingering odors or flavors that are currently in your home fridge. Please keep the cake plastic wrapped while it is warming up until you are ready to serve it. 

Note: If you have any custom fondant decorations, and will not be consuming your cake the same day you pick it up, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly. Some fondant decorations/toppers may need to be left off of the cake until right before you serve it, to prevent damage from condensation formed once the cake has come out of the fridge.

How do I cut and serve my cake?

Our cakes are best served at room temperature. If refrigerated, remove the cake 2-3 hours before your event to allow it to come to room temperature.  6” and 8” cakes can be sliced in wedges like a pizza.  10” cakes and larger should first be sliced in rings for more manageably sized pieces. Plastic wrap any leftovers or store in an airtight container.  Cakes with fresh fruits, curds, or jams should be refrigerated.